Conestoga Cabinet Options

Most cabinets have a variety of options to choose from, dealing with visible sides, toe kicks, hardware and more. Here are some of the more common needs and methods for dealing with them.

Visible Sides

For cabinets that are at the end of a run or that have all or part of one or both sides exposed and visible, there are several choices for providing a finished end. Here are sum:

Exposed End
An exposed end has the standard 1/4" (ok, technically closer to 7/32") reveal behind the edge of the face frame, but uses a veneered plywood that is suitable for finishing. If the cabinet is ordered with a finish, the exposed end is finished to match. (Available on Red Oak, Hard Maple, or Cherry cabinets only.)

End Skin
The application of an end skin results in the same minimal reveal as a flush end. An end skin is a 1/4" thick plywood panel that is adhered at installation time to the cabinet side. It will be veneered with the same wood as the cabinet face and is pre-finished (or unfinished) to match the cabinet order. The installer may have to notch out a corner of the end skin to match the toe kick. End skins can be extended across multiple cabinets, as in the case of an island end, to cover any seam that would otherwise be visible. (Available in most wood species. Also available in 1/8" thick version in some species if a bigger reveal is desired.)

Flush End
A flush end reduces the reveal behind the edge of the face frame to 1/32" or less by using a thicker plywood cabinet side (3/4" instead of 1/2"). As with the exposed end, it uses a veneered plywood that is suitable for finishing. If the cabinet is ordered with a finish, the exposed end is finished to match (unless otherwise specified). (Available on Red Oak, Hard Maple, or Cherry cabinets only.)

Embedded Side Panel (aka Prep for False Door)
For a more sophisticated look, the Embedded Side Panel option makes the cabinet side to appear as if it is a cabinet door. To accomplish this, we move the plywood cabinet side towards the interior. This leaves a 3/4" reveal behind the face frame which is enough room for a cabinet door to be tucked in. This, too, can be a good option for island ends since a multi-panel door can be used to span across multiple cabinets. Another variation is to create a false face frame with doors as the side panel. (Note: Embedded side panels cannot be used in conjunction with pull-out tray units or inset cabinets with concealed hinges. Your account manager can help with workarounds.)

Toe Kicks

Most base cabinets (with the notable exception of Home Office base cabinets) come standard with a recessed toe kick. Other options are available, as shown here.

Standard Toe Kick
The standard base cabinet toekick is 4" high and 3" deep. On cabinets with toekicks available, this will be assumed unless you request something different.

Flush Toe
The flush toe option extends the face frame down to the floor. The toe kick notches on the cabinet sides are eliminated. (Note: If toeboard backer is specified in the quote, it is ignored for any cabinets with a flush toe.)

Leg Extension
Available on either or both side of the cabinet, the leg extension eliminates the toe kick notch on the cabinet side and carries the face frame stile down to the floor. This is a nice option for cabinets at the end of a run or on the edges of an island, but can be used elsewhere as well.

Side Toe Kick (aka Toe Space Side)
A valuable option for islands or peninsulas, among other designs, you can continue the toe kick around to one or both sides. (Note: there are minimum width and depth requirements for this option.)

Toeboard Backer
A toeboard backer is an unfinished plywood strip to be mounted between the cabinet sides as a support backer for a finished toe kick strip. This keeps the toe kick strip from bending and simplifies its installation. While this is technically an option, we include it on most quotes automatically.

Shaped Bottom Rail
A variation on the flush toe, the shaped bottom rail carves a decorative arch into the toe area. Note that there is no backing included behind the arch. Some customers choose to install a finished toe kick a few inches behind the arch to minimize dust build-up under the cabinet.

Shaped Side
Select an arch to be carved as a decorative feature into a flush or exposed side.


Most cabinets are ordered with hardware (hinges and drawer slides) included, but these are technically optional. Here we show the high-quality Blum hardware that we use. All Blum hinges and slides have the Blumotion soft-close feature included.

Hinges: 1/2" Overlay

Hinges: Flush Inset

Drawer Slides: Tandem
Note: Certain non-standard (<18", >24") drawer slides are made without the back mounting brackets. For these, we will provide wood cleats so that they can be mounted to the cabinet sides.

Hinges: 1-1/4" or 1-3/8" Overlay

Hinges: 170-degree
These 170-degree hinges are utilized on corner cabinets to make access easier. These are available only for 1/2" overlay, so doors on cabinets specified with a larger overlay will automatically be narrowed so that these hinges can be used.

Other Cabinet Options

Other options are available, including matching interiors, wood shelf upgrade, extended stiles, dust top, and more. To see details, check out the Cabinet Options section of the catalog.

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