Conestoga Door Profile Options

We offer tens of thousands of wood cabinet door profile combinations! By combining a particular door style with the options available (edge profile, framing bead, panel raise), you can find the door that exactly meets your needs.

The Cabinet Authority created this tool to help you visualize your choices. You can select from many of our door styles, then choose from a variety of profile selections and watch how the picture changes.

Profile Options

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Door Image*
Door Styles:
Edge Profiles:
Framing Beads:
Panel Raises:

*The door image above is a computer-generated drawing, not a photo. It gives a general idea of the look of the door with the selected profile options. As with any two-dimensional picture, it cannot accurately portray some of the subtle curves and beads.

The darker areas portray the recesses, thus a the center of a flat panel door or the routed portions of a raised panel door appear darker than the frame. They are actually the same color.

[+] indicates that concealed hinge boring is available with this edge profile.

How to use this page: This tool allows you to select from the profile options available for the wood door style of your choosing to see what each combination looks like.

Start by choosing a style (CRP-10 is a great one to start with!) by clicking on the Style button, then clicking a selection. Notice how the picture changes as you click on different choice.

Once you've selected a style, click on the other buttons (Edges, Beads, Raises) and try out various choices. Again, the picture changes with each choice. (Note: Some doors do not allow choices in one or more of the categories. Within the categories, the options may change depending on what is available for that door style.)

Reference the cross-section drawing below the door picture to see dimensions that may not be visible in the face-view.

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