Explaining the Process: How to Get Pricing and Order Conestoga Cabinets from the Cabinet Authority

| Pricing and Quoting | by Jeff Haylon | 2021-12-06 |

When it comes to custom cabinet orders, it's very important to ensure that you know what you’re getting and the price you’re getting it for. With the help of our cumulative decades of experience, The Cabinet Authority has developed a process that works well for both manufacturer and customer, making sure you get the right cabinets and cabinet parts for your DIY or professional project.

The first question we get the most is “Why can’t I see prices online?” The answer for this is fairly straightforward: it’s functionally impossible, because there are any number of details large and small that can impact pricing. Even without changing the wood specie or door style, a single door can range drastically in price depending on finish, hinge boring, and profile options. There also tend to be multiple factors within a quote that can have “hidden” impacts on others—for instance, changing your overlay configuration means all the doors and drawer fronts might get larger or smaller and hardware requirements will change. These all have impacts on pricing, and that variability is why we’ve set up QuoteBuilder.

QuoteBuilder is a tool custom-made by our team for our products. It walks you through each part of the process, starting with cabinets and moving on to accessories and details. This gives you an opportunity to view and select the components that work best for your kitchen, office, or other home cabinet project. On a preliminary quote, it’s helpful to be as specific as possible, but don’t sweat it if some details need to change later—that’s what your Account Manager is there for! We like to use an initial quote as a starting point, as it gives us a good idea of what you’re looking for. From there we can make changes to add or remove cabinets, adjust details as needed, and help you find ways to lower costs without sacrificing quality.

When considering your budget, we typically recommend starting with your “dream” quote—with all the bells and whistles you want. You may find that our prices are good enough to keep even your wildest dreams in budget, but failing that we’re happy to point out ways to majorly reduce prices without changing the spirit of your order. The two big ones we usually start with are finish and drawer boxes—ordering unfinished vs. finished parts is usually the single biggest change in cost we can see, and drawer boxes and hardware each add $80-100 to a quote so they add up quickly.

A typical quote will run through a few iterations between you and your Account Manager, making sure you understand the Conestoga cabinets and products you’re ordering before you use our secure website to pay and complete your order online. You can always view your quote online as well, in case you accidentally lose an email or file.

One of the most important responsibilities you have to yourself in this process is to make sure you review the quotes carefully and understand all the details before pressing “order.” We have excellent glossary and Frequently Asked Questions pages that are a good way to start, and of course your Account Manager will be happy to address any other questions you have. It’s important to us that you know what you’re getting and are confident in your purchase, and you can best help us do that by asking questions and clarifying anything you’re not sure of.

Remember, when you want to be in control of the process of ordering custom cabinets online, working with The Cabinet Authority ensures you’ll have every opportunity to order exactly what you want, with great service and rapid response.

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