How to Build Your Dream Home Office using RTA Cabinets

| Product Selections | by Jeff Haylon | 2021-11-02 |

In today’s world where more and more people find themselves working or studying from home, the importance of affordable, effective, and high-quality home office cabinetry is coming into sharp focus. Using Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets allows anyone to have a fully custom desk setup without having to break the bank. Building the right desk to suit your needs will help you feel more productive and let you focus on your work.

At their core, most desks are quite simple: just two cabinets with a desktop spanning them. It’s the design I’ve used for years, and allows for the entire contents of your home office to be within arm’s reach. This type of straightforward desk also has the advantage of being affordable, especially when compared to standalone wooden desks of similar quality and size, and still is entirely customizable. The cabinets on each side can be used for filing drawers, keeping bulky appliances like printers and scanners out of the way, or even as open shelving.

Of course, more elaborate designs are certainly an option. L-Shaped desks made with cabinets are great for offices where maximizing horizontal space is important. I’ve found them especially helpful when I need two work surfaces—a common use might be to have a computer on one “leg” of the L and save the other side for writing, drawing, or using different devices. We’ve also seen desks incorporated into walls of built-in cabinets, when storage space in a home is at a premium.

If you’re thinking of creating your ideal home office using RTA cabinets, here are some design pointers to keep in mind:

  • Most desk cabinets are 18”, 21”, or 24” deep, primarily due to drawer slide sizes (if you build a desk without any drawers, your options open up a little). In most modern offices, the computer is the central component. I’ve found that 24” is the best depth, as it gives the most space for a computer monitor and keyboard without feeling cramped.
  • The default desk cabinet height is 29-1/2”. It’s a comfortable height for the majority of people, but if you prefer a higher work surface or extra legroom (or even a standing desk), never fear! Don’t forget you can do the same exact desk builds using taller kitchen cabinets. It’s worth measuring the height of work surfaces you’re comfortable with before starting your design.
  • If your desk is going to involve electronics, that also usually means it’s going to have a lot of wires and cables. Thinking through where your wires are going to run while designing your home office (including where there are available wall outlets) may seem like a headache, but it will pay dividends later when you don’t have a rat’s nest of cabling tying together your accessories.
  • Don’t forget about wall cabinets! Overhead storage isn’t only helpful in the kitchen. Having an out-of-the-way section of your office to use for storage or display can be a huge boon. You can even add under-cabinet lighting for more ambience.
  • Desktops are arguably the most important part of the home office. We offer high-quality finished and edge-banded plywood, which creates a solid top that perfectly matches your cabinets (we can also stain or paint them a different color if you want the contrast). Top them with glass for an even more elegant look.

As with any DIY project, sometimes the hardest part is finalizing what you want. Remember that when it comes to home office cabinets from the Cabinet Authority, your creativity is the only limit.

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